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“A wounded healer is someone who can listen to a person in pain without having to speak about his or her own wounds.”  - Henri Nouwen



Clergy often find it difficult to find an outlet that is safe and nonjudgmental. The clergy person is expected to be strong and able to help the parishioners and their families when they are hurting but often to struggle to find an outlet for their own pain.  Totally Whole specializes in treating the unique issues of clergy. Our staff are dually trained in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling and Theology which gives us expertise in addressing clergy concerns.  


We provide a confidential assessment of clergy related issues and we offer treatment to address depression, anxiety, PTSD, marital problems, grief and loss, substance abuse, burnout prevention, adjustment disorders, church related trauma. 

Clergy Training

We provide web-based training to clergy and congregations on a variety of topics to include:

Overcoming Pandemic Re-Entry Anxiety

Crisis Intervention

Grief and Loss within Your Congregation

Mental Health and Faith

Post Traumatic Growth    

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