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Meet Our team of Licensed Professionals

We are a minority owned small business committed to eliminate disparities that exists among disadvantaged groups in accessing quality mental health treatment. We have been in operation since 2015. Our staff are licensed and have over 60 years combined experience in the fields of psychology, social work, counseling, and theology.  Our services are driven by our core values which each team member embodies and exemplifies. 


Rosemary Cook, PHD,

Founder, CEO &


"When I see clients begin to feel empowered and make healthier choices, I'm inspired.  When I experience God using me as the vessel to lead people from brokenness to wholeness, I get inspired!"


Ronnie Drake,


For me, the greatest joy was experiencing a client who was at his nadir, struggling to surface with something new and workable. After witnessing this client’s constant agonizing cries for peace, he finally did something that most clients take years to discover; he stripped himself of all his intellectual and philosophical reasons and took the high road: he admitted that he couldn’t gain peace of mind unless he turned it all over to the Prince of Peace. I realized at that moment, even at my best, I’m still at the mercy of His charity. 


 Adana R. Massey, LCPC


"My inspiration for counseling comes when I see the client have that "aha" moment and begin to unlock the ability to love themselves and reclaim their power to live healthy lives.  It also comes from the fact that God has entrusted me with the privilege of being a part of the client's healing journey."


Candace Washington, MSW, LMSW


"I'm inspired by growth, clarity, and insight. Seeing clients evolve into becoming the best version of themselves is rewarding. With the understanding that the client did the work in producing the change and making a decision to heal inspires me. It's truly a blessing and I thank God for allowing me to be a vessel to accompany others in their healing and growth journey." 


Tiera Jones, LCSW-C


"It is rewarding to support individuals and families on their journey in discovering and experiencing an improved quality of life."

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